Air Duct Cleaning

High Demand Heating offers Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning. We service Maple Ridge and the Fraser Valley, BC.

We provide high powered airflow to clean out a residential and commercial air duct, dryer duct, dryer vent and perform HVAC cleaning.

We offer competitive pricing, licensed and insured technicians and we guarantee to offer excellent service by all of our trained employees.

Air Duct Cleaning services include:

  • Installation

  • Service

  • Repairs

Home Duct Cleaning

The ventilation system in your home or your business is something that you may not always think about when it comes to the overall maintenance of your property, but it can actually become a major factor concerning your energy budget. Also, in some cases a ventilation system that is not properly maintained can become a major health and safety issue. Air ducts that are not regularly cleaned and inspected can cause your furnace and air conditioner to become overworked, and can cause the actual air quality indoors to deteriorate over time. The importance of regular duct cleaning, particularly in commercial sites where the use of chemicals and hazardous materials is a regular occurrence is certainly something that should not be overlooked. With quality duct cleaning services from High Demand Heating, you can rest assured that the ventilation in your home and commercial property will perform to the highest standards of efficiency and air quality.

Although it may seem like a somewhat straightforward task, properly cleaning air ducts is a job that you should always leave to an HVAC expert. Hiring unskilled or unqualified personnel to clean your ducts can put you at risk of ending up with damaged vents and ducts which can be much more expensive to have repaired. In some cases, you can also risk damage to your furnace or air conditioner, which is not only another annoying expense, but a potential safety hazard depending on the extent of the damage caused to the internal workings of your HVAC system. At High Demand Heating we will provide you with a team of highly skilled and fully certified HVAC technicians that will be able to make sure that your ducts receive a proper cleaning, without the risk of causing any type of damage in your home.

In addition to our quality duct cleaning service, both residential and commercial customers living throughout Maple Ridge as well as the Fraser Valley and Tri City areas can greatly benefit from our staff’s expertise. Should we notice any issues during our visit, no matter how minor or significant, we will be able to provide you with a complete explanation of the issue, as well as a straightforward solution, which we will likely be able to provide right away. If you have noticed any issues with the ventilation in your home, such as a bad smell, a buildup of dust, or unfamiliar noises coming from the vents, be sure to contact High Demand Heating today to discuss the issue and receive a free quote on our duct cleaning service.

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    dirty air duct

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    clean air duct in maple ridge house

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    Nice and clean ducts after our duct cleaning service

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    We make it our mission to provide our clients with the lowest prices (we beat competitor prices by 10% of the difference when the same service is offered), the best possible customer service on the job as well as after the job has been completed with our sales and customer support staff.
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    We also ensure our clients that the products we use are of the finest quality and that all of our technicians are certified and licensed for work as the nature of the industry (domestic gas related) calls for the highest safety precautions possible.
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