Most Common Furnace Problems

Common Furnace Problems

During the cold, damp winter time in southern BC, there is nothing worse than having a furnace that isn’t working properly. There are many reasons why a furnace won’t function properly, and not all of them necessarily mean that it is time for a replacement. In fact, there are a lot of common issues that can occur with most types of furnaces that can be easily repaired by a skilled HVAC technician like the ones at High Demand Heating. Below you’ll find a list of common issues found with furnaces and how each issue can be repaired.

Furnace Cycles too Frequently

If you have begun to notice that your furnace continues to run more frequently than ever before, this can be caused by a few different issues. No matter what is causing the problem, a furnace that runs more often than it should end up costing you a great deal on your energy bills, which is why this issue should be addressed quickly. One possible cause could have to do with the thermostat connection itself. In this case, you should call an expert in to verify that all connections between the furnace and the thermostat are hooked up properly. In other cases, a furnace can run too frequently if the air filter is clogged. This is a problem that can be solved without the help of an expert by simply purchasing a new filter and replacing the old one.

No Warm Air/No Air

The primary function of a furnace is to generate and distribute warm air throughout your home or commercial property to keep the occupants comfortable. If the furnace fails to supply warm air, it is likely due to a problem with the pilot light which ignites the heating element in a gas furnace. To avoid any major issues when relighting the pilot, be sure to consult a professional before you do anything. If there is no air being produced at all, this is often due to an interruption in the power supply to the furnace itself. When this happens, check your electrical panel to make sure power to the furnace is switched on. If the issue persists, it is best to call an expert in to safely inspect and repair your system.

Noisy Furnace

Other than the constant noise of air flowing through your ducts and out of your vents, a furnace should operate in a generally quiet manner. If you start to hear loud banging noises coming from your furnace, it is best to turn the system off right away before risking any extensive internal damage. Next, check your air filter to ensure that it was installed properly (proper installation method is usually indicated on the filter itself). If there is no apparent problem with the filter, it is likely that the noise is caused by a loose component or piece of hardware inside the furnace. In these cases, you should always call an expert to open the furnace and track down the problem.

If you have noticed one of these common issues affecting the performance of your furnace, be sure to contact the friendly HVAC experts at High Demand Heating. We can have your furnace repaired and functioning safely and properly in no time, so call us or email us today!