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High Demand Heating offers Air Conditioning repair services to keep you cool during the summer months. We can repair your home’s Central Air HVAC system as well as smaller air conditioner units. Below we’ve listed 5 common issues related to air conditioners.

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

1. Electric Wiring

A/C wiring is risky and could possibly lead to a fire. Bad wiring can prevent the system from getting power to the unit or can trip the circuit breaker.

2. Low Refrigerant

Freon or Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air inside the air conditioning unit. If the levels of refrigerant are low, this could imply a possible leak or a problem with the refrigerant system and a service is required.

3. Fan is not working

The outside fan is responsible for pushing the heat from the inside of your home to the outside. If the fan isn’t working properly, heat transfer will not take place and the compressor could overheat and trip the safety overload.

4. Outside unit not functional

Depending on when the issues started, if it wasn’t working from the start, it could be a thermostat issue. If it stopped working during use, it could be an internal issue and a service call is recommended.

5. Frozen coil

Having a frozen coil is often related to the airflow of your air conditioner. If the air filter is clogged or there is something obstructing the return ductwork, this could cause more issues in the future.

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Our A/C Services include:

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  • AC Repairs

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